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Russian jeweler Dashi Namdakov

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Russian jeweler Dashi Namdakov

Precious chameleon. Art by Russian jeweler Dashi Namdakov

Russian jeweler Dashi Namdakov
What do people, like Putin and actress Uma Thurman, Gerhard Schroeder and country music star Willie Nelson have in common? The answer is simple: their private collections keep the works created by talented artist Dashi Namdakov.
Born in 1967, in the Siberian village of Ukurik, Chita region, Dashi Namdakov is a famous Russian sculptor, painter, and jeweler. Besides, he is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Works by Namdakov are in the collections of the State Hermitage, the Russian Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg, the Museum of Oriental Art, and various museums around the world.

Jewellery art by Dashi Namdakov

Diamonds and gold pendant. Art Russian jeweler Dashi Namdakov

The artist has participated in more than 15 solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including the well-known museums and galleries around the world. He received the Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. Meanwhile, since 2004 the artist lives and works in Moscow.

Most serious galleries and museums host exhibitions of his work with great joy. And then, in September 2008 the gallery “House of Nashchokin” had to host his jewelery exhibition. Unfortunately, two weeks before the exhibition, the robbers had stolen everything in the workshop of Dashi! Besides, they stole the unique equipment, which the artist used creating his masterpieces.

Can you imagine the state of the artist? – Shock – putting it mildly – Dashi described his feelings. “Perhaps, someone really wanted to get my work for their private collection. Selling such jewelry on the market is difficult. They immediately catch the eye, which is quite risky. Fortunately, the entire collection was taken with the camera in detail. Photographs allowed the artist to re-recreate the lost treasures in three months.

– To catch the show in January, I had to postpone my other projects – says the artist – of course, in some ornaments I’ve brought something new, so the collection, in fact, became an updated version.

“His work – is East, and nothing more but a masterpiece. In addition, these pieces resemble characters of “Star Wars”, wrote art critics in The New York Times, USA. “The sculptures and jewelry by Dashi Namdakov are full of tenderness and gentle humor … From them emanates mysticism and fairy tale world of ancient legends and epic tales.” International Jewelry magazine “Solitaire.” (Singapore), October / November 2004. “He creates beauty in the spirit of Picasso, and it is nothing other than the tradition”. Newsweek, June 21, 2004.

Traditionally, Dashi Namdakov fills every piece of jewelry collection with beauty, harmony of form and color. Besides, combining centuries-old traditions of his ancestors – Darkhans with original modern design. Meanwhile, the constructive solutions attract the attention and then “go away” to their own world of symbols of world culture.

“Darkhan” in Mongolian people – the master blacksmith, philosopher and magician. In the East, where Dashi belongs to, creating precious things to decorate the human interior home or ritual object was shrouded in mystery and magic acts accompanied by Darkhan, whose name is honored along with the names of the great teachers.

Natural disasters obeyed masters – metal, stone, fire, endowed with a special power of human exposure. Energy through Darkhan was transmitted to the future owners of jewelry. No wonder, the rich man – Khan, or prince differed from fellows wearing precious objects on clothing and in everyday life.

The formation of the style of the artist was influenced by upbringing in the family, life in the Trans-Baikal region. In many sculptures we see the reflection of religious themes. Unconditional recognition of art by Dashi Namdakov in the Eastern world was his solo exhibition in 2004 in New York City (House of Tibet). Not to mention a plaque mounted on the wall of Europe’s oldest Buddhist temple in St. Petersburg dedicated to his first abbot Aghvan Dorzhiev.

“His ideas are often born in dreams. His imagination and skills turn these visions into divine beings, spirits, mythical animals – phantasmagoric, fresh and modern, unique, unearthly.” Straits Times, Singapore.

Still, shamans (and even voodoo) are often mentioned by the audience who view the work of the artist.

Russian jeweler Dashi Namdakov