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Russian artist-jeweler Timofei Zhuravlev

Russian artist-jeweler Timofei Zhuravlev. Brooch 'Ebisu with Tai fish'

Brooch ‘Ebisu with Tai fish’. Material: silver 875 °, blackening or brass. Work by Russian artist-jeweler Timofei Zhuravlev

Russian artist-jeweler Timofei Zhuravlev
Ebisu is the character of Japanese mythology, traditionally portrayed with a Tai fish, which means good luck. According to legend, Tai fish brings success and wealth, patronage in the business prosperity, personal life, house keeper and health of children. Meanwhile, in his work Timofei Zhuravlev continues the tradition of ancient jewelers (Byzantium, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient East) and Russian national heritage.
In addition, Timofei Zhuravlev participates in the creation of interiors and restoration of Orthodox churches in Russia. Timothy Zhuravlev combines fluency in sophisticated technology and multi-faceted jewelry craftsmanship with distinct identities, harmonious and unique design works. Besides, in his works the master jeweler uses old and rare objects of ancient Rome, Greece, and Ancient East collections.

According to his biography, Timofei Zhuravlev is a member of the Artists’ Union of Russia. He has been in jewelry business more than 25 years. Noteworthy, he is the author of unique pectoral cross and panagias for the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church. And the artist became known for his jewelry artworks of rare beauty and elegance, made in the tradition of gold and silversmiths of ancient Russia. Timofei Zhuravlev’s works are in private collections both in Russia and abroad.

The bracelet - a variation on the ancient Byzantine jewelry

The bracelet – a variation on the ancient Byzantine jewelry. Work by Russian artist-jeweler Timofei Zhuravlev

The bracelet – a variation on the ancient Byzantine jewelry. The decor mirror lions, symbolizing the power of the conquering hero and mirror birds – as a symbol of immortality and incorruptibility of the soul. Material: silver 875 °, blackening.

Archpriest premium cross with decorations. Material: silver 875 °, 999 ° plated 20 microns Filigree, grenades Mozambique. Front side central composition: advanced deesis number. Above the central composition descent from the Cross, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the image of Our Saviour. Under the central composition: the Annunciation, the Nativity of Christ, the Trinity, the Mother of God of the Sign, Crucifixion, Resurrection. Reverse side central composition: The image of the Protection of the Mother of God, Entry into Jerusalem, the Ascension of Christ
Above the central composition: Presentation of the Lord, Transfiguration of Our Lord. Under the central composition: Epiphany, The Raising of Lazarus, Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the saints favorites.

Panagia. On the front side: Image of the Virgin “is happy about you” – the icon on the subject of special chants in honor of the Virgin, St. John Damascene composed. The downside: Twelve Great Feasts. Material: silver 875 °, 20 md gilding, filigree. Stones: grenades (Mozambique)

Traditionally, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings have been a fixture of the women’s traditional costume in Russia throughout its history. Precious jewelry has always been a measure of wealth. But, as elsewhere in the world, in Russia they are especially complemented with precious and semiprecious stones, in addition to an aesthetic purpose, served as a talisman, bringing to the owner good luck, health and every favor.

Russian masters modified the tradition of creating bilateral earrings, known from the time of the Byzantine Empire and has its origins in Ancient Rome. The earrings made from precious enamel and precious stones, with a distinct national character. These “stuffed” earrings – large silver or gold earrings in the shape of stylized birds or double-headed eagle, the symbol of the country. Besides, used filigree ornament, sometimes with enamel, beads and jeweled and pearl pendants. These earrings – passed from generation to generation, being true jewels out of time.

To the most beautiful forms of female ornaments of different nations Russian jewelers brought national character. In particular, favorite earrings – “Lunnitsy” in the form of a stylized crescent looking horns up and decorated with pendants of precious stones, symbolizing the pouring light. Composition “of the moon with a cross” means the continuity of masculine and feminine, as a symbol of marriage.

Russian artist-jeweler Timofei Zhuravlev