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Beautiful Serbian Naive Painting

Serbian Naive Painting. Painting by Dushanka Petrovich

Artist Dushanka Petrovich. Serbian Naive Painting

Serbian Naive Painting, in fact, are true works of art. Amazingly talented amateur Serbian artists are famous for their naive art. Although, it is impossible to say exactly which country was the first to give the world this direction, but Serbia is one of them, for sure. It was here, in two Serb villages of Jagodina and Kovacica, in the middle of the last century a unique artistic style has appeared. Village of self-taught artists with a completely lyrical pure, even childish perception of world, metaphorically reflected in painting love for the culture, way of life and traditions. Today in Jagodina there is, perhaps, the largest museum of naive art. Besides, artists of the Serbian socialist period travel to galleries around the world.

Painting by Aljbeta Chizhikova. Serbian Naive Painting

Wedding. Aljbeta Chizhikova. Serbian Naive Painting

In the paintings of Aljbeta Chizhikova I appreciate a childish colorful, direct creativity. Scenes from rural life: weddings, funerals, holidays and weekdays. Artlessness of these paintings, the apparent simplicity – this is what creates a special trustful relationship to them, and a special warmth of perception.

Painting by Dragan Mikhailovich. Serbian Naive Painting

Fantasy. Dragan Mikhailovich. Serbian Naive Painting

Dragan Mikhailovich – famous Serbian surrealist, creating amazing fantastic drawings and images. He began drawing in early childhood. At age 17 he left home to study painting. Had more than 150 solo exhibitions worldwide. Lives and works in Sremska Mitrovica.

Painting by Emerik Feyesh

A bridge in the city (Moscow). Emerik Feyesh. Serbian Naive Painting

Russian and native species in the works of Emerik Fejes. Hungarian-born, Fejes was born in Croatia in 1904. Then Croatia was part of Yugoslavia. Fejes is fairly among the the Yugoslav naive artists. What is interesting Fejes started to draw after retirement. Favorite theme of his work – cityscapes.

Painting by Ferenz Pataki. Serbian Naive Painting

A mill. Ferenz Pataki. Serbian Naive Painting

Ferenz Pataki – also still living artist. One of the most popular and recognized masters of Serbian naive genre. Very fond of his work, which differ some special crystal, transparent and like good dreams. Look, for example, at his incredibly clean and the magic picture with three angels.

Painting by Sava Sekulic

A family. Painting by Sava Sekulic

Sava Sekulic was classic and titanium artist of naïve and marginal art (the artist died). Sava Sekulic painted every day, putting his creations on a special shelf, which decorated his home. He began to show and exhibit his work in retirement. Most of his enormous creativity is in the collection of Charlotte Zander Museum and at the Museum of Naive and outsider art in Benighayme, Germany.

Painting by Sava Stoikov

Portrait of a man. Painting by Sava Stoikov

Sava Stojkov – Serbian artist, who is rightly called “the singer of Bachsky plains.” He is known not only for his very deep portraits of people, typical residents of the plains of Serbia, but also some incredible magic deep and tangible landscapes.

Painting by Zoran Zarich

A window. Painting by Zoran Zarich

Painting by Zoran Zarich. Skadarlija. Rich Siromaha Street. Bohemian district of Belgrade. Stagecoach ride there now. But listen to the street musicians, drink and eat something tasty – always welcome. This is probably the scene after the completion of the banquet

Serbian Naive Painting