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Steampunk sculptor Igor Verniy

Steampunk sculptor Igor Verniy returns fairly forgotten dove of peace in a new guise

Krasnoyarsk born Russian Steampunk sculptor Igor Verniy returns fairly forgotten dove of peace in a new guise

Krasnoyarsk based Steampunk sculptor Igor Verniy has created a stunning steampunk gallery of cute cyberpunk creatures and mobile models of wildlife. The 22-year-old master Igor Verniy graduated from Moscow State University. He is an engineer in the field of metal, and a specialist in the evolution of stars and astrophysics. Meanwhile, Igor Verniy writes on his page: “In the 21st century there are still fans of old school ideas. These are people who are nostalgic for rusty metal, gears, and the smell of motor oil”. According to Igor, he is one of those True Metal fans. Igor creates his models out of auto parts, parts of old watches, cigarette lighters, home appliances, electronics, etc.
The artist’s statement: “At heart I’m an artist and I see the beauty of this world in bright colors, but I’m also a mechanic,” Igor says. “And these two qualities help me to create.”

Dove of Peace

Dove of Peace

Legend has it that long ago there was a deluge, mention of which is in the ancient sources of all the peoples of the earth. And the ark was built by Noah. And Noah released a dove-messenger and a dove returned with an olive branch, declaring that “the water receded from the earth.” Since that time the dove was always perceived as a symbol of peaceful intentions.

Several thousand years later, after the end of World War II on the World Peace Congress in 1949, Pablo Picasso painted the logo of a white dove, which has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the world, got around the entire planet, it seemed that the all inhabitants of the earth knew about the dove of peace.

Igor Verniy writes – “And now came the XXI century. In warlike atmosphere, we see the hostility of the countries. Revived the shameful phenomenon of hatred for the people of entire peoples”. Steampunk sculptor Igor Verniy returns fairly forgotten dove of peace in a new guise. Born of metal, today it ascends to heaven in order to become the herald of a new era! “And one day, when peace will prevail on earth, all of us at that time will no longer exist. Dove will be opened, and within it descendants will find the message composed by me, on my behalf, and on behalf of all honest people. From the people of the past to the people of the future ..”

Black Widow Assembled with anatomic pecularities of this species. The structure of legs allows movements. It is the spider, that can produce cobweb by the special device inside it. The length of web can be 5-50 metres, depending on it’s thikness. It is a female. Its partner, as it is used to be, was eaten while pairing. Materials: Steel, Aluminium. Painting: Acryl. Weight: 2 kilos. Size: 60-70 cm, depending on position of legs.

“The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish” was written by AS Pushkin in 1833. Igor recreated the famous fish according to the description and drawings left by Alexander Pushkin. Made by type of carp. Skeletal back part allows the fish to wag its tail and fins, mouth open. Coloring – golden acrylic, oil.

Duck is one of finest works of Igor. The model resembles movements of real birds. The sculptor himself lives in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk and had a chance to observe wild ducks by the bank of Yenisei River in August 2013. He studied its body proportions, behavior and movement manners in natural habitat. Particularly noteworthy are the wings. A metal wing prototype was made in accordance with bird anatomy. Traditionally, the model is made of regular household metal waste, skillfully fitted to each other. Materials: stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome plated iron. Weight: 7 kg.

Steampunk sculptor Igor Verniy