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English photographer Adam Burton

English photographer Adam Burton

English photographer Adam Burton

The author of these pictures of beautiful scenery is English photographer Adam Burton. Recognizable and in demand, he is one of the leading landscape photographers. And certainly, one of the artists responsible for the development of photo art now. According to the artist, his most favorite photographic genre is landscape. A self-taught photographer, Adam Burton did not receive special education. However, he studied himself through perseverance and, above all, love for nature. As a result, he has become one of the world’s most renowned nature photographers. Beautiful scenery in his pictures fascinate and enchant. Adam Burton knows how to work with light and most of his favorite moments – dawn and dusk.

Antarctic landscape

Antarctic landscape. English photographer Adam Burton

Adam Burton is able to capture a magical moment during the shooting because he does not like to rely on the computer and not a fan of Photoshop. His photographs are beautiful also because they are natural. He is eyeing a long and carefully chooses coverage before making a frame, so it seems that this is not a photo, but a picture.

Burton traveled to five of the seven continents. Through the eyes of Adam Burton we see Canada, stand still, looking at pictures of Antarctica, admire the scenery of New Zealand. Now Adam Burton specializes in landscapes of England. He lives in Devon and is very happy when passing just a few minutes from the house, can capture a ordinary silence. Landscapes by Adam Burton since 2004 have regularly appeared in magazines, newspapers, postcards and calendars.

His images gladly purchase such large companies as British Petroleum, The Times and National Geographic. Adam Burton is the author of four books published in the UK. He is currently working on the fifth book, which will soon be published.

Adam Burton now lives in the south-west of England with his wife and two children, working on a book, leads numerous Photo courses, shares his experiences and continues to delight us with his amazing photo art.

“I’ve missed too many beautiful sunsets this summer. It seems that every time I decide to stay at home something incredible happens up above. Sometimes I notice, but its too late to do anything about it. Other times I miss it completely and live in happy ignorance until the next day when somebody tells me how amazing the previous evening’s sunset was. I don’t think people realise just how much that innocent comment eats us landscape photographers up inside if we have missed the sunset”. Photographer Adam Burton.

English photographer Adam Burton