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Fabulous patchwork by Suzdal textile artist Maryana Zolotova

Christmas Angel. Fabulous patchwork by Suzdal textile artist Maryana Zolotova

Christmas Angel. Patchwork, application, three layers, sintepon, quilted. Fabulous patchwork by Suzdal textile artist Maryana Zolotova

Fabulous patchwork by Suzdal textile artist Maryana Zolotova
Today the art of patchwork is experiencing its second birth. Many craftsmen raised this type of needlework to an unprecedented height, studying and developing such ancient and ever-new patchwork.
Born in Suzdal, talented craftswoman and textile artist Maryana Zolotova lives and works in this city. In 1990 she graduated from the Suzdal Art Restoration School, where she studied watercolor, oil and pastel painting techniques. According to Maryana, love for patchwork appeared in the school. First, she sewed a cadaver crow for a friend for her birthday. Then a big monkey appeared, and a little caricature doll for a teacher. “I will never forget my first mini-exhibition at the school. It consisted of 10 toys, and I was proud of myself. Organized by my teacher Olga Grigorievna Knokova, she played a big role in my creative life”. Later, when Maryana became a mother, she sewed clothes for the child, decorated them with applique and patchwork. In addition, she continued to make dolls in national Russian costumes.

Returning from the fair

Returning from the fair. Fabulous patchwork by Suzdal textile artist Maryana Zolotova

Returning home from the fair – a panel of pieces of cloth, in the style of applique. It features the life of a small city. Family – Father and children return home from the fair. Mom at the door is waiting with the babies. From the sky the angel looks at them …. Early autumn, warm and good. Master used materials such as cotton, American cotton, sintepon, cotton threads and acrylic paints.

She likes to do a lot and different things – dolls, toys, bags, panels and bedspreads. According to the artist, the panel is her special love. This is her mood, fantasy, and realization. Stacks of fabrics and materials for crafts at home, but sometimes there is not enough of a scrap and the search for the right cloth begins. Sometimes, she gets what she needs with a help of friends, shops, acquaintances. And this is the process of communication and the process of work. “My favorite pastime, brings me joy and the desire to come up with new characters.” However, the artist does not work with the sketches, and her work, as inspiration, is born in the process.

Although the master does the repetitions of her work, but every new work differs from the original. Undoubtedly, as any manual work is unique and an exact repetition is impossible. “The theme of Christmas is fabulous and we all wait for magic or an ordinary miracle. According to the master, this special mood influences the work. At least she feels so.

Noteworthy, in 1991 appeared the first Russian patchwork club “Suzdal shred”, organized by Lyudmila Bokova. In the club worked a creative team of 10 local craftswomen working in the patchwork technique. They created large panels, by hand. And Maryana warmly recalls this time with friendly gatherings, communication and needles, threads, and fabrics. Sincere and naive work – this is how her patchwork life began. When she waited for the second son of Timofei, she made a large panel with different animals, that would hang at his bed and delighted the baby.

Meanwhile, the first patchwork festival took place In Suzdal, which became annual. Mariyana is a regular participant of this festival and art exhibitions. However, according to Maryana, now it’s time to work quietly, measuredly and think through your work. “For many years I have saved a good selection of fabrics. A large workshop, all the walls in shelves and fabrics. I love everything I do. It is necessary to create and share. I not only sell my work, I often give it”.

Suzdal is a very beautiful city, which inspires her creativity. Everything is beautiful in this ancient Russian city! Against the backdrop of sunsets and sunrises temples, which please the eyes. “All my life I see and admire. It is impossible not to sew work with temples and of course with angels … I walk with dogs and communicate with neighbors, there are images for works. The place where I live, is next to the river. In the next house there is a merry aunt Zoya, a friend of my mother’s childhood. She often rinses the linen in the river, I really want to make a picture of a nice grandmother on the bridge with the basin next to her”.

Fabulous patchwork by Suzdal textile artist Maryana Zolotova