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Food art by Nathan Wyburn

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Food art by Nathan Wyburn

Judy Garland Rainbow Drops. Inspired by her iconic role in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz and the song ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. Food art by Nathan Wyburn

Food art by Nathan Wyburn
First of all, you won’t find watercolors, pastels or oils in portraits created by 25-year-old Nathan Wyburn. Whether Twiggy crafted out of Twiglets, Michael McIntyre with Marmite, or Rowan Atkinson from baked beans, his celebrity portraits combine the pop-art sensibilities of Andy Warhol with non-traditional materials, creating art which is refreshing and unique. Nathan Wyburn is a Welsh Fine Art graduate who specializes mostly in creating iconic celebrity portraits and ‘Pop culture’ imagery with non-traditional mediums. In particular, food, such as Marmite on Toast, Sauces, Sugar, Chocolate, Beans, Pizza, Sweets, and etc. Besides, he uses other everyday items, such as Newspaper cut outs, Soil, Candles, Toothpaste, Fake tan, Motor Oil, etc.

Katy Perry Cat food portrait

Katy Perry Cat food portrait. Food art by Nathan Wyburn

Welsh artist Nathan Wyburn paints portraits of celebrities with jam, ketchup, sugar, and chocolate on toasted slices of bread. However, Wyburn has created his own unique technique, and this made him popular. Besides, his work was featured on TV shows including Britain’s Got Talent 2011. Nathan has exhibited work all over the UK, and his art was featured in Japan, USA, and Australia. Along with traveling to Madrid, Istanbul, Helsinki and Vienna for commissioned work and TV guest appearances.

Nathan Wyburn used a material that reflected Britney’s standing in Pop Culture and so chose the American favorite peanut butter and jelly. The image is from her iconic ‘Baby one more time’ music video.

Food art by Nathan Wyburn