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Landscape painter Ford Smith

Drops of Nature

Drops of Nature. Landscape painter Ford Smith

American landscape painter Ford Smith was born and raised in Japan. His father was an Air Force serviceman based in Japanese village. He started painting at an early age under the guidance of an elderly Japanese painter. Some years later the future artist’s family moved back to the United States. Ford Smith studied painting at the University of Mississippi. After graduation he became interested in photography. In the late 70’s and 80’s Atlanta he was a well-known fashion photographer. Smith realized his natural talent for painting in the 90’s. His sense of nature – startling color combinations and mesmerizing horizons, featuring the optimistic philosophy of life and Asian aesthetic developed in his childhood. Despite his photography background, Ford Smith never paints from a photograph.

Crimson Ovation

Crimson Ovation. Landscape painter Ford Smith

After exploring different painting styles and themes, Ford found tremendous fulfillment creating contemporary landscapes conjured from the stunning horizons witnessed during his travels. “Like life, my work often transforms from its original idea, but following a creative instinct wherever it leads is where the fun and fascination lie. Each painting is a unique journey with an undefined destination”.

Landscape painter Ford Smith