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Dmitry Tikhonenko Steampunk coffee machine

Dmitry Tikhonenko Steampunk coffee machine

Unique work by Dmitry Tikhonenko Steampunk coffee machine

Dmitry Tikhonenko Steampunk coffee machine
Another masterpiece from the copper master Dmitry Tikhonenko – Steampunk coffee machine. Metal artist Dmitry Tikhonenko continues to delight viewers with his new works.
In fact, Dmitry completely transformed the home technology with his hands. In particular, refrigerator, microwave, stove, TV set, mobile phone, and speakers. Meanwhile, the next project of Wizard, working with copper, has become the coffee machine. According to the artist, on the creation of this machine, he has spent two months. Also, he thinks that it is his best work. So do I.

Dmitry Tikhonenko Steampunk coffee machine

Closeup. Dmitry Tikhonenko Steampunk coffee machine

In addition to visual embellishments, the unit went through profound technological improvements. “Check it – coffee is really excellent” – Dmitry is preparing one cup of espresso to be able to create all day. All design elements of coffee machine, each lever, valve and sensor are functional.

Workshop of Dmitry officially engaged in repair of household appliances. Tuning refrigerators and electric stoves – it is rather a passion, which became the hallmark of Tikhonenko. Ordinary customers are curious what wonders he is able to create – a desk bound in copper, standing next to a copper plate, copper coffee machine, microwave, refrigerator, television set, washing machine …

According to Dmitry, the passion for the metal began in the army, when he served in the Northern Fleet in the Barents Sea. On the ship, many details of copper had to be regularly scrubbed. Gradually it grew into a habit. The first copper crafts were simple – decorations for the army photo album.

After three years in the Navy Dmitry immediately got in an atmosphere of buying and selling, and eventually became the owner of a workshop for repairing household appliances, where he has worked to this day. In parallel, he began to collect antiques from nonferrous metal. Since he always had to work with appliances, the master wanted to do something special for himself.

About the existence of steampunk, Dmitry learned in 2011, he even didn’t imagine that he works in this particular style. “Once I got an e-mail from guys from Moscow, who saw my work and invited me to the festival of steampunk. I answer them: guys, you’re wrong, I’m not punk … – Dmitry laughs. – After I had read books, looked photo reports from meetings of steampunkers, I realized it’s mine.”

Coffee machine was created simultaneously with the TV-set, and gradually developed into a large project. To this was added a bar, made on special order. Above arranged beverage containers. Below several shelves, each of which bears its own particular function. On the first is a copper tray, the second stored utensils, crockery and the stove with a special device.

On each of the products Dmitry puts nominal stigma and attaches special plate with a number, on which are encrypted several important parameters. At present, there are signs of more than one hundred items.

And, of course, a telephone. It was noticed immediately. Several years ago, his wife Olga gave to Dmitry Nokia 6670, which after a long and painstaking work has turned into a work of art.
“Friends call me a happy man – said the master, – Besides the fact that I have a lovely wife and children, I have a favorite hobby that even brings a little bit of money. What else is needed to enjoy life?”

Dmitry Tikhonenko Steampunk coffee machine