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Paper sculptor Sher Christopher

Paper sculptor Sher Christopher

‘Sorrow’. Impressive work by Paper sculptor Sher Christopher, British artist

British paper sculptor Sher Christopher creates amazing things from paper, they look like origami, but they are not. Her sculptures and portraits are complex and expressive, as if they live their own fairytale paper-life. Noyeworthy, she manages to convey complex emotions … For instance, this young woman whose pain is palpable.
According to Sher Christopher, the sculpture ‘Sorrow’ is a very, very personal piece, an auto-biographical one. In 2009 Sher’s Mum was diagnosed with cancer, with a brain tumor, and had only a few months left to live. It was the most devastating news. Sher couldn’t work at the time, and was utterly lost. This image was a recurring one in her thoughts and dreams, and the only image that began to express how she felt.

Paper sculpture by British artist Sher Christopher

The Piper. Paper sculpture by British artist Sher Christopher

Inspired by life, literature, films, and music, British artist Sher Christopher enjoys the challenge of creating solely from paper.

Paper sculptor Sher Christopher