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Alexandra Fedorova Wool paintings

Wild flowers. Alexandra Fedorova Wool paintings

A bouquet of wildflowers. Still life. Alexandra Fedorova Wool paintings

Alexandra Fedorova Wool paintings
The author of these beautiful paintings of wool is Alexandra Fedorova, Russian artist of applied art. In fact, her wool pictures resemble watercolor paintings, so gentle and natural. Noteworthy, the master first makes woolen thread or pattern with her own hands. According to her, even people who do not have any relation to art can create such painting. Perhaps, that’s why now “wool paintings” are so popular. Wool watercolor is original, and shows art from an unexpected side. Besides, pictures of wool fibers give volume and texture. Unfortunately, the monitor can’t transfer the natural shine and liveliness of these paintings.

Wool paintings by Alexandra Fedorova

Bluebells and daisies. Wool painting by Alexandra Fedorova

First, the author makes a sketch of the future picture, especially if the composition of the future picture – technically complicated. However, sometimes the master immediately makes an image on the canvas, with strands of wool. Then, she picks up a palette of colors (dyed in different colors and shades wool) to the picture – to bring life into it. Layout, as a rule, begins with the base color, but then it takes many hours to add additional colors, layer by layer. Meanwhile, the methods of putting wool varies – stretch of the wool fibers, plucking (formed as cloud), and tearing. And each of them creates a special effect.

Wool painting comes to life in the process and demands a special approach, some new touches, and sometimes quite unexpected, even for the author herself. Therefore, each painting is unique.

P.S. In the gallery you will see wool paintings created by two masters – Alexandra Fedorova and Yana Bogdanova

Alexandra Fedorova Wool paintings