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Alexandra collectible art dolls

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Alexandra collectible art dolls

Historical authenticity, excellence and quality – Alexandra collectible art dolls

Alexandra collectible art dolls
Russian doll artist Alexandra Kukinova graduated from the Art School of Moscow Academic Art Theatre of Chekhov. A member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Alexandra creates exquisite porcelain art collections (including historical dolls) and souvenir porcelain dolls. Collectible handmade art dolls created by talented master have historical authenticity, excellence and quality.
In 1989 Alexandra Kukinova founded her own art studio “Alexandra”. By now “Alexandra” – participant of the largest doll international exhibitions in Russia, Europe and the United States, winner of professional competitions.

A boy with wings. Alexandra collectible art dolls

A boy with wings. Alexandra collectible art dolls

For creating costumes Alexandra used natural silk, vintage textures and lace. In addition, she used embroidery, applique, hand-painted fabrics, sequins and beading decoration, special jewelry with semiprecious stones. Collectible porcelain miniatures – made in high quality porcelain biscuit technique, painted by hand. Also, the individual elements nade specifically for these author’s works.

Fleur. Evening dress of early 20th century, made of black lace fabric ‘Chantilly’, the cover of a silver organza decorated with tassels of silk thread and beaded fringe. The upper skirt of silk velvet trimmed with beads around the edge. Belt and detachable sleeves decorated with ornaments handmade bead on organza (copy of original embroideries of times of Art deco style). Jewelry: earrings, rings, bracelets, just made by special order in accordance with the style of the 20s of the last century, nickel silver with black sequins and beads. Silk stockings of pearl color. Shoes made of genuine patent leather. Organza hat with a thin chiffon scarf.

Anastasia. Porcelain biscuit. Natural silk satin, gas, finest lace “Chantilly”, Beading and Swarovski crystals – 1000 pieces. Lace gloves are made and tightened by hand. Jewelry made by special order in the technique of “filigree”, silver with cubic zirconia, quartz and antique rhinestones. Feathers and flowers are made using a unique technology of natural gas silk.

Sonya. Evening dress. Late Modern (1914) Dress – natural Chiffon, painted with the transition of tones and clamped by hand using a unique technology. Manto – Chantilly lace cord modified manually. Sleeves and neck decorated with hand-embroidered beads (including antiques) of 10 shades. Beads – Natural freshwater pearls. Rings, earrings and bracelets with alexandrite and cubic zirconia made by special order. Wig – Natural mohair.

Lady in pearl. Porcelain, natural panne, silk, lace. Necklace, tiara, comb, and some details of the costume – crochet and embellished with sparkling beads and rhinestones. Rings and bracelets are made by special order. Satin shoes with high heels in the Art Deco style decorated with antique gold lace and rhinestones. Hand painted.

Catherine II. Doll costume is a copy of the coronation dress of Catherine II, which is stored in the Museum of the Moscow Kremlin. Dress of silver brocade decorated with luxurious lace, woven with gold braid handmade and embroidered by hand 27 gold double-headed eagles. Scepter, orb and crown jeweler made by special order.

Ivan the Terrible, Maria Nagaya and Prince Dimitri. Fur-coat of the king is made of natural silk with jacquard pattern and finished with faux fur collar and hand-knitted cord. Lower coat of shantung trimmed with braid. Cap of velvet. Wooden staff with hand-painted. Beads from a gold ribbon trimmed with gold lace and beads. Outerwear of the Queen is made of silk with jacquard pattern, trimmed with silk lace and hand-knitted braid. Necklace and a crown of gold, handmade lace trimmed with beads and handmade gold lace. Prince coat is made of silk, trimmed with lace and handmade antique glass buttons. Undershirt made of natural silk with hand-embroidered silk and lurex. Wig sewn by hand from natural mohair.

Alexandra collectible art dolls