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Russian artist Alexandra Ovchinnikova

Russian artist Alexandra Ovchinnikova

St. Petersburg based Russian artist Alexandra Ovchinnikova

Paintings by Russian artist Alexandra Ovchinnikova have the vibrancy and optimism so needed in the artistic world today. Color and form are magnificently story-telling, and leave the observer with a want for more; and the most ordinary objects come to live and capture your attention so much that you begin to wonder how is it that you have never noticed them before. St. Petersburg based artist Alexandra Ovchinnikova was born in 1974. In 1999 she graduated from the Art College of NK Roerich. Member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists since 2000. Permanent member of seasonal exhibitions of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg. Her latest solo exhibitions took place in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Barbatre, Nantes (France), Holland.

Painting by Russian artist Alexandra Ovchinnikova

Homeless of Paris

Creative searching of avant-garde of early twentieth century germinate in the works of Alexandra Ovchinnikova. Her paintings strike the viewer with richness of color, strong brush strokes and techniques reminiscent of Russian painters of the century: Korovin, Mashkov, Lentulova. It is in the works of these artists classic paintings paused on the threshold of depiction.

Alexandra Ovchinnikova develops the tradition of artists of the century. She paints extensively and acutely enhances the sound of bright color tone, tight highlights of the objective world. It looks like a paradox, since fire planes on canvas resemble enamel. How the artist works out the volume of and space – you have to wonder! Landscapes tend to carpet color feast, but here some miracle that occurs – appears air and perspective. Internal structural and beautiful texture of paintings resemble crystalline world, frozen in a delicate balance of stained glass, but without the need for glasses lumen emit its own light energy. Balance of art and reality stopped Alexandra Ovchinnikova on the verge of Cubism.

Russian artist Alexandra Ovchinnikova