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Photo in jewelry by Alexandra Goloviznina

Photo in jewelry by Alexandra Goloviznina. Brooch At sunset

At sunset, brooch. Photo in jewelry by Alexandra Goloviznina

Photo in jewelry by Alexandra Goloviznina
Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Photographer and jewelry designer Alexandra Goloviznina now lives in Bakhchisaray, Crimea, Russia. Crimean nature is beautiful, vibrant, diverse and rich. Undoubtedly, it is a huge source of inspiration and joy for Alexandra. Beautiful flowering peach orchards, lavender and poppy fields, mountains and rocks, sea, sand, beautiful sky and clouds, and very bright sparkling stars …. “Crimean spring is so fresh, sunny and smells very tasty …. I am writing these lines and feel like a light, slightly cool spring breeze with the smell of cherry blossoms …. Autumn is warm, sunny and bright, too. Winter is so quiet, calm, and slow”. In addition to creating jewellery decorations, Alexandra photographs a lot, trying to capture the beauty that she sees around her.

Earrings Muscari

Earrings Muscari. Photo in jewelry by Alexandra Goloviznina

In creating this medallion and earrings Alexandra used a photo taken in the spring in the Crimea. These flowers, called muscari, not only delight in spring when blooming, but also throughout the year. And Alexandra inserted the image in a jewelry piece.

According to Alexandra, in the spring she spends a lot of time in the kitchen garden, planting flowers and some vegetables in the winter. And she uses to knit and draw and the autumn. A few years ago, among other needlework hobbies she started making jewelry. “I really liked it. I make them out of polymer clay, metal, and then Photo & Crafts combined to give ornaments. In the creation of jewelry I use my pictures. This jewelry with my vision of beauty around me – with flowers and leaves, trees and grass, sunrises and sunsets …”

Photo in jewelry by Alexandra Goloviznina